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Join the Network

To forge unity among civil society and activists, and work together to pass national climate legislation.

The Earth Bill Network is an open association of activists, organizations and coalitions weaving our power together for results on stopping our GHG pollution.

To join the network please review the Principles & Action Agreements below and take The Earth Bill Pledge. Welcome all!

We organize inclusively and transparently facilitated by over 40 seasoned volunteer professionals leading various teams: Administration, Adopt-A-District, Legislative, 15 Policy Sectors, Faith, Marketing, Youth AAD, Direct Action, Websites, Social Media and more.

Our Team leaders come from dozens of groups, including Climate Crisis Policy (lead facilitator), Fridays for Future, Unitarian Universalists, 350 Brooklyn, Sierra Club NYC, Metro NYC Climate Catholic Movement, and more.

We’re active in the U.S. Climate Action Network, The 2021 Clean Energy Standard Coalition (also pushing CES in the Jobs Act), and we provide a flow of high-level information from major groups to the network in our open meetings.

The goal is to weave us all into a united movement working together for real political power. Welcome to the campaign to stop our pollution and save the planet! We're here to work against the clock!

Ready to go all in to save life on Earth?

100 U.S. Senators and 435 representatives can save the future of life on Earth. Protecting life and the planet is their first duty. Organize in your community to engage and persuade them to take the Earth Bill pledge.

1. Get your U.S. senator and house representatives to take the pledge and co-sponsor the bill

Here's an email to send.

It has the elected pledge form.


Print it and go in person. Find your rep and contact info.

2. Join the network of over 130 activists in 94 districts nationwide

Join "Adopt-a-District". Already in 94 Districts in action. Is yours?

You can lead or join others in local organizing, bringing communities together.

Welcome to our teams, meetings, and ground game!

THE EARTH CORE: Mondays, 8pm EST

This is an affinity group of activists eager to succeed on the Earth Bill demands. Join teams on outreach, congress, marketing, and direct action. To attend, please take The EB Pledge and review the Principles and Action Agreements below. We’re going all-in for Earth!


Full Meetings Calendar

General Meetings: 2nd Saturday and 4th Wednesday. Noon - 1:30 EST.

Catch these for deep transparency and participation in the legislative movement action, with briefings from major environmental organizations and grassroots leaders nationwide, updates on all Teams and Actions.

Network Team Leaders

These are all the volunteers from many groups leading the Teams: Administration, Adopt-A-District, 15 Policy Sectors, Faith, Marketing, Youth AAD, Direct Action, and more. Climate Crisis Policy facilitates and provides core support.

Adopt-A-District Leaders

This is the ground game in over 90 Congressional Districts in 28 states, on our way to all 435! These are local activists from groups like 350 Montana, Save our Soil Illinois, Climate Reality, Yale University, Fridays for Future, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate, and many more, who have adopted their Congressional District for deep organizing.

Read more about Adopt-A-District

Adopt or join your district today

2021 Climate Bill Package

These are key bills we support on 9 other topics filed by leading organizations/coalitions on environmental justice, plastics, fracking, agriculture, fossil fuel subsidies, CAFOs, and more to come, as we build a comprehensive package covering our 15+ policy sectors, in the works now in our Policy Sector Teams.

Network Principles

  1. Transparent: All our meetings are open.
  2. Inclusive: Everyone's welcome.
  3. Community: We're in this together.
  4. Autonomy: Do it your own way.
  5. Both/And: Say yes to more action.

Action Agreements - Pick a few :)

  1. Prioritize (Make the EB a top priority)
  2. Empower (Run with the idea as you feel called)
  3. Connect (Lead or join a team)
  4. Prepare (Align internal team for legislative push)
  5. Louder (Link communication teams to amplify our voice)
  6. Respect (Mutual appreciation and compassion)
  7. Learn (Support the 2021 Climate Bill Package)
  8. Engage (Organize your Congressional District)
  9. Imagine (We will stop our pollution)