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Upcoming & Ongoing Events

2021 Movement-Wide September Action Wave

NYC Uniting for Climate & Democracy

NYC & Nationwide Calendar

All Sept: Turn Up The Heat. Nationwide. Key States Event Listings. Submit Action. Action/Townhall Toolkit. Climate Action Campaign

All Sept: Contact Key Senators: Republican and Democratic America's All In & World Wildlife Fund.

All Sept: Senate Constituent Meetings. Climate Crisis Policy & The Earth Bill Network. Monday Night Meetings. 8 PM ET. Adopt-A-Congressional-District.

All Sept: Phonebank. Senator (877-215-0983), Representative (866-648-0359).

All Sept: Hear The Call. Nationwide. Toolkit. Dayenu.

All Sept: Various Actions & EV Events. Environmental Defense Fund.

All Sept: Filibuster Fridays: 1-2 PM ET. Tweet, Call & Email. Join here.

All Sept: Fillabuster Phonebanks. Common Cause. Fix Our Senate.

All Sept: Fund Our Water, Not Fossil Fuels. Email Congress. Food & Water Action.

Sept 1-15: BIG PUSH: Gas Is Not Clean. Toolkit. Indivisible & Coalition.

Sept 17: Fri, Noon. NYC Public Library. March & NVCD. Register. Extinction Rebellion NYC.

Sept 24: Fri. Foley Square. Fridays For Future Strike.

Oct 11-15:Wash, D.C. People vs. Fossil FuelsNVCD Arrest Risk. Build Back Fossil Free & More.

Oct 17-18: International. D.C. NVCD Actions. Faiths for Climate Justice. Green Faith.

Oct 20: Fri. Fridays For Future Strike. Details TBA.

Oct 31 - Nov 12:U.N. COP26 in Glasglow, Ireland. Worldwide. Actions to be Organized.

Materials: Order Free. "ActNOW OnClimate" Posters, Shirts, Buttons.

Lobby Training: Recorded Training Video. CCP, Earth Bill Network, Friends Committee for National Legislation.

The Earth Bill Network - 2021 Demands

Note: Efforts have different demands. The conversation is now very political. Let's bring it back to GHG Solutions!
  1. Count GHG Impacts of All Legislation. Require Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to determine GHG impacts working with independent Scientists.
  2. Outlaw GHG Pollution (Earth Bill).Mandate 100% Renewable Electricity, Zero-Emission Vehicles, and Regenerative Agriculture by 2030.
  3. Gov't Zero-Emission Procurement.Mandate Zero-Low Emission Materials from all Gov't Procurement, including all infrastructure spending.
  4. Stop Funding Polluters. End Tax Subsidies for Fossil Fuels, Meat & Dairy.
  5. End The Filibuster. Stop giving Corporations a Veto over Policy, repair our broken Senate, and save Democracy.

Let's Make History Together!

#ClimateCrisis #OutlawGHGpollution #SaveDemocracy #ProtectVoting

Past Events

August Action Wave

Aug 10: Tues, 1-2 PM. 1 Battery Place. Center for Am. Democracy Coalition. For the People's Act.

Aug 14: Sat, 9 AM. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn (then to Schumer's Home). Sierra Club NYC & Climate Crisis Policy.

Aug 15: Sun, 1 pm. People Not Polluters Rally. Foley Square. Partner Signup. This Is Zero Hour.

Aug 18: Wed, 3 PM. Online Lobby Training. Earth Day.

Aug 19: Thurs. 9 AM. Seal The Deal. Nationwide. Toolkit. GND Network.

Aug 19: Thurs, 6 PM. Battery Park. Rally, Electeds & Press. NY Renews/GND Network.

Aug 21: Sat, 9 am. Schumer's home. 9 Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement & Climate Crisis Policy.

Aug 23-28: Stop FF Subsidies. F&WW, Friends of Earth. Details TBA.

Aug 27: Act For Creation. Call & Email Congress Day. Online Event: 12 PM ET. Creation Justice Ministries.

Aug 28: D.C. March For Voting Rights. Register. Buses From NYC. National Action Network.

Pollution Independence Day

July 2nd, 2021

Action Visits to Congress
In-Person Everywhere
Online Rally and Action Simulcast
Noon-2 PM EST

On July 2nd, we will visit in person 435 Congressional Districts to demand an end to our pollution in energy, cars and food production.
Our pollution is killing people and animals in huge numbers as we destroy our planet's delicate temperature balance.
Tell Congress to outlaw pollution now for the future of our children and all life on Earth. And ask: Why has this not already happened!?

Local In-Person Actions

Where: Your Local Congress Person's District Office (Find your representative)
Time: Noon-2PM EST, or anytime that day or week!
Post: Your Local Action and find others.
Plan: Set up a meeting or just show up. Confirm the office is open first!
Bigger Plan: Host a rally outside the office, or sit in the office and sing.

Online Rally and Action Livestream

Where: Zoom Register now
Time: Noon - 2PM EST
Plan: Join from your live-action. Raise your hand & we'll spotlight you!
Bigger Plan: Singers & Speakers in the works!

Call In and Email and Join District Team

Where: From your phone
Email: Send this automatic email
Call Capitol: 202-224-3121. (Find your representative)
Message: My name is ____. I'm calling from (city, town) to ask you to support The Earth Bill to end pollution in electricity, cars, and food production, and to put these mandates for 100% renewable energy, electric vehicles, and regenerative agriculture in the American Jobs legislation. We have less than 7 years to stop our pollution before we surpass 1.5 levels. This can not wait. Please visit EarthBill.org for more details. (Add your own thoughts). Thank you.
Bigger Plan: Join activists in your district in Adopt-A-District

Planning Steps to Take

  1. Find the local district offices and make sure they're open for visitors!
  2. Email them the Earth Bill and call to set up a meeting, or let them know you'll be stopping by.
  3. Gather a few friends and make plans to stop by your Representative's in-district office.
  4. Print this Earth Bill Pledge and take it with you to get signed.
  5. Research their corporate donations and individual donors.

When There

  1. Learn the names of the local staff and talk to them about your children's future.
  2. Remind them the clock has run out on carbon pollution, with less than 7 years until 1.5 is locked in.
  3. Ask for the name of the policy staff working on energy, transportation and agriculture. Get their emails. Call them from the visit, or set up time next week.
  4. Stay and sing a few songs, be joyful but determined. The future is at stake.
  5. Say you'll follow up and call weekly to get them to take the Earth Bill Pledge.
Post your local event on our Action Network Page
Download posters