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Passing the earth bill will require a seismic public demand. For that we invite you to add your voice & time to manifest a miracle. To help unite america in singing in chorus for earth and the future. One song: the earth bill. One plea: stop our pollution.

1. Congress: Get One Vote: Activists & Teams in every District

435 Votes in the House and each one counts!
We need you and a team in each District.
Work alone or with others in “Adopt-A-District”.
Contact your Representative personally, or organize a team!
Only local voters can convince them - you have the power!

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2. Outreach: Find one group: Reach out everywhere to unite

Everyone cares about Earth. We just have to invite them in personally and ask them for help, because we can't do this in small numbers. We need many more people and groups from all of society. If it's not an environmental group - let's approach them. Help do outreach to new groups, a cry for more helpl. It'll take all of us pulling together.
Focus on: Business, Republican, Agriculture, Animals, Health, Water, Academics, Youth, Faith, Non-Environmental Groups & More.

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Email one group. Suggest one group.

3. Promotion: Make one post: Speak Up: It's everyone's Earth

The Earth needs a voice - publicists and influencers - and that's you! We need a 100 million voices and then a 100 million more! Make The Earth Bill a household name & call to action. Speak up for MamaEarth! Be an “Earth Influencer”! Promote it at events, rallies & parties! We need you: Celebrities, Musicians, Authors, Teachers, Lawyers. Activists. Mothers. Doctors. Scientists. You all have an audience and Earth needs you all.

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The demand, The pollution source & your right, duty & power.

Earth's Demand:

Make pollution free electricity, cars, and food by 2030!

This kind of industry mandate is what's required to have certainty in the transition and timing. Incentives alone are insufficient and too big a gamble.

Why Me?

It's our money = our pollution = our right & duty to stop it!

We're paying the monthly bills that go to these polluting operations, and that means it's our right as consumers and duty as citizens to make them stop polluting for us. It's our consumer pollution!

The Pollution Source:

It's time to stop climate pollution - at the factory!

This can not be done at home, the gas station or grocery store! The technical power to stop this is at the corporate production level. These industries can make it happen and will lead the way under the bill.

Your Power:

Your power to fix this is as a voter making Your Congressperson do their primary duty of protecting our country and our planet from pollution disaster.

Together we can stop over 50% of our pollution!
Together we can achieve the U.S. Paris goals.
Together we can make congress and corporations reverse the crisis!

Moonshot Warning

This undertaking is politically impossible. But it's the right answer. So let's push for it!

Corporate influence in Congress has brought us over the cliff blocking common-sense pollution regulation for decades. If this were doable, it would have been done. Industry mandates and deadlines are not even on the agenda as an option. That's how powerful they are.

This is why we need a miracle with humanity rising together to save itself and all life on Earth. Faster, faster, faster. We must speed up the organizing to speed up the politics. This is our challenge. Not science, not technology, but faster organizing around a shared demand.

One vote. One post. One team.
Our Earth needs you!

Activist Affirmations For The Bill

The Earth Bill is a beacon of light for the youth and generations to come. In a world where it increasingly appears that future generations' lives will be scarred by devastating and scary events, the Earth Bill provides a comprehensive solution to these problems while taking into account the system issues underlying the problem of climate change.

Anna Kathawala, Fridays for Future, NYC

What a joy that we finally have a bill that addresses the urgency, the scale, and the scope of the climate crisis!

Mary Shesgreen, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice, IL

If you follow the science, you know the clock is ticking, and there's an urgent need to transition off of fossil fuels for the good of humankind. Without a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy, we will leave the world in a terrible state for our children and their children. Pope Francis warned in 2019, that facing today's ecological crisis, especially climate change, 'we must take action accordingly, in order to avoid perpetrating a brutal act of injustice towards the poor and future generations.' The Earth Bill articulates what is needed to make the transition happen before it's too late to turn things around. Let's get on board and push for it to happen.

Nancy Lorence, Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement & Laudato Si

The Earth Bill tackles environmental injustice and health problems by stopping the pollution at its source. It's also what we needed, a common sense call to action that's easy to understand for the millions of people who care about the climate crisis and want to save the future for their children. I'm proud to be a part of this historic effort.

Derek Perkinson, Crisis Director & NYS Field Director, House of Justice, National Action Network

The ground-breaking Earth Bill responds at last to all Americans who have asked, 'What can I do in the global battle against powerful fossil fuel bullies?' Based on science, It describes clearly and honestly key actions and timelines needed to avert the worst of the climate disaster happening all around us now. 'What can I do?': Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor this bill!

Rachel Makleff, grandmother activist with 350NYC, Climate Reality Project, Climate Crisis Policy, Earth BIll Faith Team, Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club, & Hazon

We need The Earth Bill as its standards being put into law with enforcement provisions provide renewable electricity, zero-emission vehicles and regenerative agriculture - each 100% by 2030! Your support for The Earth Bill gets us closer to where we need to be to preserve our planet - you/we can do it!

Catherine Skopic, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate; Sierra Club NYC

The Earth Bill arose from the Climate Crisis Policy Digest, an online database that aggregates and compares over 800 climate policy ideas from over 140 documents from academia, think tanks, and social justice organizations, as well as existing bills and laws. The solutions we found were varied and sometimes conflicting -- but there was striking civil society consensus on federal mandates for 100% renewable electricity and zero-emissions vehicles and on the need to widely expand regenerative agriculture practices. The Earth Bill would implement these three crucial solutions together, acknowledging the multi-sector approach necessary to mitigate the climate crisis.

Rachel Goodgal, Climate Crisis Policy, Digest Director

As a mother and food scientist, I am in full support of the Earth Bill. We have found a straightforward way to communicate what needs to be done to reverse the climate crisis we have created. I have focused on the power of regenerative agriculture. It is an area dear to my heart, connecting us to the land, growing food for our families and creating jobs for our communities. I am feeling very hopeful that we have found support to keep the Earth Bill moving forward and uniting all our coalition efforts.

Rebecca Dengrove, Masters of Food Science, Rutgers University; Yale Certificate of Climate Change & Health; Climate Reality Project Leader; & Climate Crisis Policy

I strongly support The Earth Bill. If we don't bring greenhouse gas emissions under control very shortly, the climate changes will be extremely serious. Agriculture has been a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The section of the bill addressing implementation of regenerative agricultural practices will not only bring this section of our economy to zero emissions; but will also reduce current greenhouse gas emissions levels through carbon sequestration in our fields, pastures and forests. Thank you for your commitment to the bill.

James W. Hayes, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Animal Science, SUNY Cobleskill; Co-founder, Sap Bush Hollow Farm NY

I'm absolutely thrilled that the Earth Bill has a sponsor. Through a democratic, grassroots process, the Earth Bill Network is changing the climate crisis conversation from what is politically possible to what is substantively necessary to avert disaster. Passing the Earth Bill will rapidly reduce pollution from electricity generation, transportation, and corporate agriculture, significantly expanding the circle of protection drawn around our land, air, and water through existing environmental laws and helping to secure better health for us and a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Peter Sergienko, Board of Directors, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon/Oregon Interfaith Power and Light, & Chair, Creation Justice Committee; Earth Bill Faith Team; Earth Bill Northwest; Co-Chair, Oregon's Earth Bill Adopt-a-District Team

Agriculture is at the heart of climate change policy. Policies must support a transition to regenerative agriculture so we can keep producing food generations into the future and in harmony with our planet.

Pamela Koch, EdD, RD, Mary Swartz Rose Associate Professor of Nutrition Education, Teacher College Columbia University

Climate Crisis Policy spent thousands of hours of in-depth research and consultation with activists and experts, and zeroed in on electricity, cars, and food production as a simple-to-understand focus where we can have the greatest impact on reducing carbon emissions quickly. We have also been building a ground game with organizations and activists by congressional district called our "Adopt-A-District" active in 101 districts in 28 states. We need leaders in all 435 districts to ask for sponsorship of the Earth Bill and other crucial climate focused legislation.

Gregg Wagner, Extinction Rebellion, Sustaining All Life, Climate Crisis Policy, The Earth Bill Network

The Earth Bill perfectly demonstrates that climate action is the best path forward to a prosperous future. Consistent and affordable access to energy, transportation, and food is a top priority for every American, and sustainability is essential in providing equitable access to these resources. When we invest in our planet through the Earth Bill, we are investing in the wellbeing of American families.

Evan Raskin, National Campaign Manager, EARTHDAY.ORG

The good news is that The Earth Bill's solutions are already happening and they are a win-win-win-win for consumers, businesses, nature and the future. The problems we face are time, politics and unity. The Earth Bill speeds up the timeline as science requires. To change the politics, we must unite the public and all our movements, a tremendous challenge we must strive to achieve for our children and all life on Earth.

Todd Fernandez, Executive Director for Climate Crisis Policy & The Earth Bill Network