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What is the Earth Bill

The Earth Bill, in a nutshell, will:

  1. Ensure our electric companies buy 100% renewable energy, our cars run on clean electricity, and our food is grown to protect our farmland - all with non-polluting ways that are better for our family's health, create local jobs and offer a bright future.
  2. Stop 70-80% of our active GHG emissions and draw down existing pollution into the ground in time to avert catastrophe, while testing how fast - and whether - we can actually make the shift before it's too late.
  3. Create a guaranteed market demand from utility companies for renewable energy and clear timelines to ignite massive private sector building, secure project funding, and speed infrastructure transitions.
  4. Unite the many climate organizations and activists across causes with these widely shared goals to finally build enough people-driven political power to win in Congress.
  5. Transform our electricity into clean, cheaper, reliable, abundant sources.
  6. Usher in electric vehicles which are far cheaper to operate with no gas bills, 18 moving parts (not much to repair!), and unlimited mileage!
  7. Require agriculture corporations that control land use by contract farmers or have over 10% market share to return 242 million acres of farmland to healthy practices to increase productivity, reduce costs, retain water to prevent floods, resist drought, protect our drinking water, and help absorb our past pollution.
  8. Prevent the collapse of worldwide food production due to soil destruction from current industry practices, which have left us with 60 more harvests before soils are too dead to grow food.
  9. Prevent the death of 7 million people a year from pollution. Stop the Asthma epidemic in cities from car exhausts, and illnesses in communities from water pollution from fossil fuel extraction and factories.
  10. Prevent pesticide diseases like cancer and new animal-to-human diseases born in factory animal farming. And save countless future lives from storms, flooded cities, forced migration, starvation, poisoned water, and epidemics - all preventable suffering.
  11. Ground us in science, not politics, with clear, obligatory greenhouse gas reductions by the corporations at the pollution source and on the emergency timeline required.
  12. Be a ton of fun to organize around and a passionate demand!

Why is this needed?

President Biden's historic ifrastructure investment bill will not by itself, stop the pollution cause our demise.

We must also require - in the law - that our electricity, car and food manufacturers stop using the fossil fuels, pesticides, and fertilizers which create the pollution and destroy the soil that can absorb past pollution.

This is our production, our consumption, our pollution, and our chance for real hope!

Welcome to the Earth Bill. A promise to stop our global pollution.

2030? Why so fast?

As of APRIL 2021, WE HAVE 6 YEARS, 8 MONTHS until our pollution levels lock in 1.5 degrees warming. We've known for 40 years but haven't acted. 2030 is the emergency timeline.

Between 1.5 and 2 degrees, disaster events called TIPPING POINTS ensue like ocean currents that stop flowing and the ice sheets that melt entirely. Tipping points then unleash irreversible domino effects that will "fundamentally disrupt the global climate system" - the foundation of human life.

Time has run out. We must stop our pollution now. Every nation in the world must take this action.

Fix how we make electricity, cars and food. There are other pollution sources, but this is the lion's share. It's all good change and very doable if we decide to act.

We went to the moon in a decade - we can do this!

Understandable Solutions Electricity, Cars & Food Give Big Results!

Fix 80% of our pollution

Our Electricity, Cars & Food are a huge chunk of the pollution solution! And once we have clean electricity, the other parts - commercial, residential and industry - can all go electric cutting pollution there too. This is a big deal. And the bill works by requiring Utility Company to order up 100% renewables, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and wave. They place the order, and the private sector kicks into gear to build it. The Earth Bill is the order for 100% renewables from the people to the utilities.

“Fully decarbonizing the power sector would eventually trigger a 70-80 percent reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide.”

Healthy Soil Can Save Our Food Supply & Suck Up Carbon

We know that tilling, fertilizers and pesticides kill the soil organisms and plants that grow our food and draw carbon pollution into the ground. Estimates vary, but fixing this alone can save us from starvation and soak up a lot of pollution, which is critical, as our emissions are on track to 3-5 degrees warming. Regenerative farms are also 78% more profitable. By stopping farm emissions and healing soil, we might have a chance. But this needs to happen worldwide and that's a huge shift that starts with us.

If carbon sequestration rates attained by exemplary cases were achieved on crop and pastureland across the globe, regenerative agriculture would sequester more than our current annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions" Rodale Institute.

Create Firm Timelines & Measurable Results

The proposed spending programs don't stop pollution, rather they encourage clean sources, but not on any timeline. And they don't even count or project pollution reductions. We've run out of time to kick this further down the road for political reasons. We need pollution reduction commitments on a clear timeline, or we're flying blind.

Test our ability to solve the crisis - before it's too late

We don't know how long it'll take to transition.

To build 100% wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and wave. To upgrade transmission lines and put solar on millions of homes. To have electric car charging stations everywhere. To switch millions of farmland acres to healthy soil practices.

We don't know how fast we can stop our pollution.

So we need to get started with a deadline that matches the clock. And see how we do. If we miss the 2030 goal, we will know then. If we aim for later and miss that, it'll be too little too late. That's a timing gamble we can't afford. Not on this. We're already very late.

P.S. The Experts Urge It!

Renewable electricity and electric cars are here and will win out on economics, but we must get to 100% faster as time runs out

  1. The Path to a National 100% Clean Electricity Standard. Short and Long Version.
  2. A Plan for 100% Electric Vehicles by 2030
  3. The Electric Vehicle Disruption - End of Oil by 2030
  4. Clean Distruption: Energy & Transformation.
  5. 1000 Scientists for 50% GHG Emissions Deductions by 2030.

Regenerative farming yields 78% higer profits, creates - not depletes - healthy soil, absorbs carbon pollution, and improves human health

  1. Physicians Committee: Plan-Based Climate Summit
  2. Regenerative Agriculture Movie: Kiss the Ground. Educational Version (45 min, password: schools). Full Length
  3. Rodale Institute: Regenerative Solutions and the Soil Carbon Solution